During the 100th anniversary of the 1st World War's beginning, ARI Gorizia Hamradio Club organizes a Diploma and Award from 15th to 23th September 2018, using radio for remembering all 1st World War victims and promoting peace for the future.

Ham radio operators will make portable operations from battlefields, monuments and other places related to the Great War. 

Who can partecipate
YL , OM e SWL from all over the world.

Valid stations:
Special Event Station II3GG, Club Station IQ3GO, IV3 stations and others which will be activate during the event. An updated list will be available on under II3GG account and on site. Active and live portable stations will be announced there too. 

Also, from 15th to 23th September 2018 the II3GG station is entitled of the
SASC – V18TCG (Victor-Eighteen-Tango-Charlie-Golf)

Bands and modes:
All OM bands from 2 trough 160 meters, CW, SSB and Digital modes (RTTY, PSK and others). FM repeaters are not allowed.

Valid exchanges for the Diploma and the AWARD 72 will be RST + 72 (72 means peace and friendship)

For example: in SSB 59 72 in CW and Digital modes 599 72.

There are not progressive numbers, everyone will note UTC time only.
II3GG and IQ3GO stations could be both active in the same time and band, but not in the same mode: one in CW and one in SSB for example.

  • every IV3 station is 1 point
  • every IQ3 station is 5 point 
  • SES II3GG is 10 points 
When a historic place related to the 1st World War will be activated with a /P or /IV3 portable station, the score doubles:
  • every IV3 station is 2 points
  • every IQ3 station is 10 points
  • SES II3GG is 20 points
Every station can be contacted (heard for SWLs) once per day, per day and per mode.
Activations of /P and /IV3 stations will be announced as stated and pictures from there will be published afterwards. Logs will be available on ClubLog.

For the Diploma should be collected:
  • Italian stations: 60 points 
  • European stations: 30 points
  • Other stations: 20 points
SWL stations must send logs in Cabrillo or ADIF format not leater than 60 days after the event.
Diploma will be available in digital format or, if preferred, printed and sent after receiving a 10 EUR or 15 USD payment.

Prizes for the AWARD 72:

Best Italian station:
Staying for 1 night + 1 dinner at Trattoria Lokanda Devetak for 2 persons

Best non Italian station:
Staying for 1 night + 1 dinner at Trattoria Lokanda Devetak for 2 persons

Best YL station:

Best SWL station:

The Trattoria Lokanda Devetak is situated in the Karst region in the middle of places related to the 1st World War. See for more informations.

Winners will be our guests during our traditional Club's lunch (spring 2019) if they would assist the awards ceremony. The same is valid for all OMs and friends who will visit us and we will arrange a guided visit to some historical places related to the 1st World War.  

Awards ceremony place:
Somewhere near historical places where 1st World War took place.  
Prizes cannot be assigned to stations winners of the Award in year 2015.
UPDATES and NEWS  about Diploma and Award 72  will be shown on at call II3GG and on our web page